The Lovelychic Wedding team has been busy, busy, busy with all the weddings of 2013. SO many beautiful brides this year. We have been traveling from the coast to the valley and it has not been nothing short of a good time. Thank you to all the fun brides this season and as we reach the middle of this fun time we look ahead to the many brides to come. Thank you to all the brides who have chosen Lovelychic and we look forward to spending many more magical days with our future bridal parties. Keep rockin’ it ladies!

Here are a few shots from some brides we have styled so far this season!



Bottom Right:

Bottom Left:

Agnes was such a sweet and stunning bride. She was elegant and had such a radiant smile. Her wedding was at Croad Vineyards in Templeton, CA. What a magnificent venue. Thank you again Agnes for allowing LOVELYchic Wedding to be part of your special day.

Hillary’s wedding pictures are just in. What a vibrant and fun bride she was. All of them were beautiful, here are a few of our beautiful bride. Thanks again Hillary, you rock!

Wedding season is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited! We are busy transforming women in to the most beautiful brides. We have had such a fun and exhilarating experience meeting all the new soon-to-be brides. This past weekend we had the pleasure of doing a wedding party from Seattle. It is so humbling to know that this small town known as Paso Robles, has become quite the “destination location.” We were so grateful to be able to make her day the most relaxing and exciting it could be. We are looking forward to posting pictures and seeing the final look, dress and all. I’m sure Hillary was stunning we had a beautiful canvas to start with.

NEW BRIDES: We are so happy to announce that if you book a wedding,with more than 3 attendants, with us you will receive a complimentary swag bag. This bag will contain anything you could want or need for touch ups the day of your wedding. We look forward to the many weddings to come and happy planning!

We are so excited for the New Year and a new wedding season to begin!

Your wedding day is one of the most personal and important days you will have in your life and it is the one time where every event of the day is geared toward making your wedding more beautiful and meaningful. It is also the one day where everyone will be admiring YOUR beauty, from your shoes, to your dress, to your hair and makeup.

How you decide to wear your hair and makeup will make a big difference in completing your wedding day look. There are so many things to consider. The formality of your event, where and when it will take place, and most importantly what will look flattering on you. It is also important to think about the neck line of your dress and the jewelry you will be wearing.

Many brides would like to wear their hair down or partially down on their wedding day but fear it will fall flat. With the right product and styling tools this look is absolutely achievable and great with a simple strapless or backless dress and a charming garden wedding.

Soft and Alluring

I love this “down-do” for a more formal or evening wedding and looks great with short or long hair.

Let’s not discredit the “up do”. There are so many beautiful and unique things that can be done with an up do while keeping it elegant and timeless. We are seeing a lot of soft, low on the neck styles that work for many different necklines, face shapes and types of weddings.

If you are considering a more sleek look we are seeing everything from low to high this season.  This is a great look to show off your neck and shoulders and will work with many different necklines as well. This type of style really compliments larger or more glamorous jewelry.

Now, let talk MAKEUP!

When it comes to makeup a bride should remember that your photos are going to last a lifetime, and beyond. We all love looking back at our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and so on, one their wedding day. It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding on how you want to have your makeup done on your big day. Makeup should enhance your features, not change them. If you do decide to go bold it is important to pick one or two features you want to make a statement with, and keep everything else simple and soft. For example if you want a bold lip, don’t do a smoky eye.

These are great looks with just the right amount of boldness and are recommended for formal or evening weddings.

For outdoor weddings, a softer more natural look is always  stunning with the way the sun hits your face.

Don’t forget your BRIDESMAIDS!

Bridesmaids are like baby’s breath in a bouquet of roses. The rose is the star but it looks even more amazing surrounded by all those pretty little white flowers. That is why it’s important for your bridesmaids to always pay extra attention to their hair and makeup. Your guests will be focused on you, but trust me, they are going to notice your best friends as well. Not to mention those photos! You will have them framed around your new home and probably have a coffee table album made. No bride wants a house guest to open her wedding album and cringe because one of her bridesmaids looks like she should’ve been headed to the supermarket instead of down the isle. When your hair or makeup artist asks you how you would like your bridesmaid to look, it is very easy to say, “however they want”, but having a general idea in mind is always a good idea.

If some or all your bridesmaids are wearing their hair to the side, make sure its done on the same side. This will look the best in pictures. Same goes if they are wearing a side part.  The chignon should always be on the heavy side of the the part. Not on the opposite side. You’re bridesmaids hair doesn’t have to be the same though. It’s always interesting to have each bridesmaid a little bit different, weather its their hair or their dresses that gives them their own unique ‘style’.

We always recommend your bridesmaids have their hair and makeup done by a professional. It will keep the overall look cohesive. Besides, isn’t this supposed to be a day where you and your closest girlfriends get to be primped and pampered?

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with just a few tips on how to make your wedding day run smoothly and efficiently.

The bride should ALWAYS have a trial run for both her hair and makeup and it is recommended she do both in the same session. This is where she will decide how her look will come together and it will give her confidence knowing how beautiful she is going to look for her husband to be.

It’s also not a bad idea if you have a really picky or indecisive bridesmaid, that she book a trial as well. This will ensure enough time is allotted for her on the day of and will keep your artists from running behind.

Be sure to let your artists know if you have any bridesmaids with long, or extra thick hair, or if they have or want any type of extensions. This way your artist can book extra time to accommodate them.

When creating your timeline, try and leave a little extra time in case of any add-ons or late bridesmaids. We often have mothers or mother in laws decide they would like to have their hair and makeup done last minute. This will allow your artist to accommodate them.

LOVELYchic will always do our best to accommodate you and your guests as much as possible. We will always stay until your ceremony begins for last minute touch ups. We want this day to be perfect for you from the moment you wake up until you and your husband say good-bye to your guests. We aspire to make you look and feel your most beautiful.

-Jesse and Kayla (Your LOVELYchic Artists)